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Livsey Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

STEM at Livsey

STEM at Livsey

Livsey Elementary School STEM Vision 

As the roles of science, mathematics, and technology grow in our society, schools must prepare students to thrive in a highly complex world. Livsey Elementary School believes that educated citizens of the 21st century must have a solid background in science, technology, engineering and math. With knowledge in these areas, students will be able to keep up with the rapid growth of the technological innovations happening daily. Educated citizens of the 21st century must have a love of learning that will enable them to be self-motivated lifelong learners who can adapt easily and quickly to changes. By providing children with innovative engineering design challenges, children learn naturally to question and solve problems. Students not only need to be good problem solvers but also have the ability to clarify and condense their thoughts. Livsey Elementary School students will be competent mathematicians and writers, who can do research and investigate questions they will face in middle and high school, college, and throughout their careers. 

The mission of Livsey’s STEM Program is for all stakeholders to work collaboratively to maximize students’ creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills  in a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment, preparing them to compete in a global society.


  • To provide elementary students with a solid foundation in the STEM disciplines. 

  • To increase student awareness of STEM based career paths. 

  • To cultivate 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and scientific inquiry. 

  • To encourage students to engage with real world problems in an interdisciplinary manner. 

STEM Vision 

  • Early and repeated exposure to STEM subjects 

  • Use of technology-supported learning tools 

  • Interdisciplinary, cross grade level and PBL projects 

  • Opportunities to apply the engineering design process to solve real world problems with multiple solutions. 

Community Vision 

  • Strong financial support from PTO families 

  • Partnerships built with local businesses 

  • Cultivation of mentoring relationships for teachers and students with local industry partners 


STEM for Every Child